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Re-Starting My Journey

Re-Starting My Journey

It was time to start over on my fertility journey. Well, in a way. The difference now is that I had a lot more information. Something else was changing as well. The more research into the natural way to fertility was also leading to research on how to lead a more natural life in general. We hear daily about all the chemicals, pesticides, toxins  and additives in our everyday lives. I quickly became passionate about removing these items from my life. Why am I am just focused on what is going to lead to me having a child. Why wouldn’t I want to be healthy in all aspects of my life. I eat well, workout regularly, why not round it out with a greener, cleaner life.

I started with some of the high offenders on the chemical list. First was deodorant. There are so many studies tying the chemicals in deodorant to so many ailments, including cancer. The brand I found that works the best while working out is Piper Wai (I bought it on Amazon). If you go back to my first post, you will see that I have already experience my brush with death with a stroke at the age of 35. I really didn’t want to challenge it again. If I could make a few lifestyle changes that could help prevent these things, why not try. Toothpaste soon followed.

The next big switch was the products around my home. It is not news to anyone that our cleaning products are jam packed with ugly chemicals. I think I always had in my mind, like with anything natural, that it wouldn’t work as well. The brand that I am completely in love with is Thieves. It is made by Young Living (the essential oil company). A cap full of the solution put in a sprayer with water literally works on everything. It lasts forever as well, since it is so concentrated.

My product search is ongoing and I will share as I find them. I am back on the fertility wagon as well. Dr. T and I have agreed to get even more aggressive. We set a goal. If we could both commit to doing everything she prescribed, our goal was an aggressive treatment plan over the next 3 months. Then we were allowed to try again. It was a lofty goal, but we were fully committed.