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Adding Oils to My Life

Adding Oils to My Life

‘Cleaning Up’ my life was feeling good. Knowing that my food wasn’t sitting on a counter of clorox made me feel better.

My next discovery was essential oils. I was somewhat familiar with oils in the past, but strictly for the use of making my house smell like happiness. I had heard how bad the plug-in air fresheners were, so I thought I would find a better way to scent the house. I had seen posts about essential oils, but not given them much time. With this more natural way of life, the essential oils came back in. I attended a seminar to learn more and was hooked. Who knew that you could actually use essential oils for more than happy smells.

I started with their basic starter kit. It was a perfect start. It gave me the the most popular scents and a diffuser much nicer than the one I had from Amazon. My first experiment was during the height of allergy season. I talked to my friend and she suggested lemon, lavender and peppermint. Lemon is a natural antioxidant, peppermint clears the sinuses (seriously, put it on your chest and it will be the best version of Vapo Rub you have ever experienced), and lavender is a natural antihistamine. My congestion was affecting my sleep so I put it all in the diffuser and got ready for bed. By the time my head hit the pillow my congestion was clearing, my room smelled amazing and I felt better.

I was hooked. I started researching different oil combinations on a mission of removing any medications in my life. One month in and I am not taking a single OTC or perscription medicine. I am using RC for congestion, Tranquil  and lavender for sleep, Thieves when I was starting to feel sick. It has seriously changed my view on so many things. I have now made my own lotions, night cream and cleaners. I truly feel the difference.