Time Heals All

Time Heals All

Six months after my stroke…after months of bruises and exhaustion due to blood thinners…I made the decision to have my heart repaired. Heart surgery was scary, but I couldn’t continue to feel this way. I finally got a second opinion from a surgeon who told me that it wasn’t too invasive and the results would be worth it. I knew kids were in my future, and pregnancy and blood thinners are not a good combination.

The surgery went well, but I still wasn’t able to talk about anything. It took me over a year to first write about my stroke. Then it took over a year to put it out there. I am not totally sure why. I am so fortunate for the my recovery. Every doctor and PT in that hospital that I worked with told us how surprised they were that my motor skills were coming back so quickly. They credited the shape I was in for my recovery. I know what a miracle it was.

It wasn’t that easy of a road. Though I was so lucky to walk out of the hospital on my own three days later, I could still felt the difference. My left side was not nearly as strong, and to this day doesn’t work quite as well. I spent quite some time having to think so much harder. It may sound funny, but I would easily switch words around in a sentence. I got good at covering it up, but I was always aware. I just felt like I was living in a bit of a fog.

So many people have that ‘scare’ that makes them take a good look at everything in life. I know I would’t have gotten through it without J, my friends and family. For some reason I felt the need to be more than just in shape and eating right. Over the last two years I gave gotten serious about ‘cleaning up’ my life. Removing toxins, chemicals, doing everything I could to be healthy. J and I were talking kids and I wanted my body and life to get back to the best place it could be.




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