Back On My Path

Back On My Path

It has now been over 2 months since my miscarriage. For some reason my body takes some time for my levels to get back down after pregnancy. That means a longer waiting game for me to try again. My naturopath and I were ready to go. We had already gone full speed ahead into our aggressive treatment plan. I had already cleaned out most of the unnatural ingredients from my house and my life.

In the middle of June my period finally came. What that meant was for the first time since January I was able to retest all of my hormone numbers. Just to recap, 6 months ago my AMH was 1.2 and my FSH was 47. By now I had 3 different consultations with 3 different fertility doctors to see if there were any other options. I heard a lot of the same…AMH really doesn’t change and FSH changes slightly from period to period. They told me that even if I tried everything, I might be able to drop my FSH slightly. And I do mean slightly. They said even if by some miracle I got it into the high 20s, it really wouldn’t affect my chances of a successful pregnancy.

They told me I would receive my results within a few days. Ironically I got the call when I was in my naturopath’s office. I listened to the voicemail and couldn’t believe it. I listened again. The message told me that my FSH was 10.5. I had to call them back and make sure I didn’t hear it incorrectly. All of my hard work has paid off. I seriously couldn’t believe it. It has been so worth it. What also came along with these results was the news that I was now a candidate for IVF. I had been told that donor was my only option. Now, not just was I a candidate for IVF, but they feel like the chances of it working have gone up tenfold. Not just were my numbers looking better, we saw more eggs during my ultrasound. All signs are pointing up for the next stage in this journey.


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